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Moving & storage

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Truck Kusum

Welcome to Kusum Roadways

Our mission is to make your move stress free.

When putting your items into storage, it can be tempting to just plunk it all down in a self-storage unit
and call it a day. After all, what more do you need than a large closet with a lock on it?

  • Advantage #1: Preventing Damage
  • Advantage #2: Climate Control
  • Advantage #3: Greater Security

Our Services

We are professional moving company that has all the logisticaln, packing and storage capabilities to move your family any-
where. We specialize in local and long distance moves. We can move homes of all shapes & sizes.

Residential Moving

Residential moves tend to be costed upon possibly an hourly basis or even a flat price quotation, Prices ...

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Basic Transportation

We have our own fleet and undertake regular service for our clients. We take adequate care for a timely and safe delivery.

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Packers & Movers Services

This is a division that handles all your transportation packaging and delivery. An on time delivery and a very personalized service specially designed for our retail clientless.

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Over Dimention Service

This service is designed for Industrial and moving the heavy and over sized objects and therefore intense planning and precaution is taken into consideration for the transportation.

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How It Works

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  • Unloading Goods
  • Transportations of Goods
  • Unpacking & Job Done!

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